Inebriation 2 Wine Charms

$ 24.50

Picture this: You're at a party, handing out wine charms to your guests and announcing that they're already "plowed," "blitzed" or "loaded."  You can surely imagine what fun that'll be, and the party will get rolling that much faster. You'll want to own a set yourself, but they also make a memorable gift for any friend with a sense of humor. Combine them with our other charms (such as the Inebriation 1 set) for larger parties.

  • Charms include bombed, plowed, pickled, blitzed, woozy and loaded
  • Made of crystal clear domed glass and genuine silver plated charms
  • Perfect for both casual parties and more elegant soirees
  • Charms themselves measure 3/4" (20mm) in diameter
  • Total length is about 2 inches (5cm)
  • Exclusively designed and fully handcrafted by the artisans at Skaia


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