Addiction Recovery Mala


Mala beads for supporting your intention to be free from addiction

You've finally decided it's time to reclaim your life and free yourself from addiction. Maybe you made this decision five years ago or maybe you made it yesterday. It's not an easy choice but it's the right choice, and you've come to realize that having support will help you keep making the right choice. Many will reach out to friends and go to meetings, but additional means can also aid your cause. Crystals, like the rest of matter, are comprised of energy and vibrate higher than humans. Because of this, we can use them to aid in our healing and intentions.

The Addiction Recovery Mala was created using carefully selected crystals to support a friend's choice to remain sober, and it can support you too. It'll come to you already cleansed and blessed, but you may wish to strengthen its programming with the intention of your choice, and you can learn how to do that here.

The following gemstones and crystals are included in the Addiction Recovery Mala:

  • Amethyst: A stone of transformation, for creative thinking and spiritual awareness. Thought to relieve headaches, relieve pain and combat insomnia by transmuting negative energy. From the word amethysos, which means not drunk, amethyst is ideal for helping you achieve and maintain sobriety.
  • Hematite: A grounding and healing stone, it is believed to reduce stress and enhance optimism, courage, will and self-control.
  • Smoky quartz: A protective grounding stone, which absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Thought to help ground wishes in reality to make them come true. Used for psychic shielding. Helps the cooperation of multiple energies toward a common goal, such as recovery groups.
  • Black obsidian: A strong protective stone that is believed to bring clarity of mind and expand consciousness. Thought to help with joint problems, arthritis and cramps. Considered an 8th step stone, it may aid your desire to change your behavior and overcome obsessions.
  • Lepidolite: Containing lithium and thought to alleviate stress and despondency, this extremely high vibrational stone may help you go through major transitions. It also promotes honesty and openness, making it an ideal 4th step stone.
  • Rosewood: Contains compassionate and loving qualities, for spiritual and intuitive health. Also used for healing and manifesting.
  • St. Benedict's Medal: Created in 1880 to celebrate the 1400th anniversary of St. Benedict's birth, the medal is believed to serve as an armor against temptation and destroy the effects of poison, which could be interpreted as addictive substances.


  • 108 - 8mm beads, plus four hematite zen marker beads
  • Bohemian goddess length: Medium/Tall is 35.5 inches (90 cm), with a 2-1/4 inch (5.5 cm) long pendant accented with an amethyst Czech glass fire polished crystal
  • Antique silver accents
  • Includes Chinese silk jacquard drawstring bag
  • Cleansed, blessed and infused with loving, light-filled energy
  • Quality construction for daily use
  • Lovingly handcrafted in America


Each mala is made to order and ships in about a week. I use 8mm beads and add a little extra space for easier counting, so these necklaces are quite long. As a very curvy woman of average height, they're the perfect length for me. If you are petite, slender or prefer shorter necklaces, please make a note of it on your order, and I can make adjustments to accommodate you.  


Please note: I'm a jewelry artist and not a doctor. My statements regarding crystals are merely to pass along ancient collective wisdom and give you an idea of what different crystals might do for you. They aren't intended as medical advice or treatment.

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. We have a generous 60-day guarantee.

If your mala breaks within 60 days of your purchase date, we will restring it without any charges. You'll need to send it back to us using a prepaid, insured, traceable delivery service and mail your package to the address above. We'll restring it and then mail it back to you at our expense. Please email us at so we know to look out for it. 

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