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Peace: A petite heirloom mala

Peace: A petite heirloom mala

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A mala for a special girl


The following gemstones and crystals are included in this custom mala:

  • Citrine: A warming stone that attracts success, wealth and prosperity. Helps achieve inner calm and wisdom. Is creative and energizing. May help with depression.
  • Russian amazonite: Aids in communicating truth with balance and integrity. Thought to protect against electromagnetic pollution. Opens and soothes heart, while enhancing intuition. Associated with the throat and heart chakras.
  • Green tourmaline: Thought to be Nature’s best healing crystal of the physical heart. It’s the yang counterpart to the pink tourmaline and enhances courage and strength, stamina and vitality. Opens the heart chakra and resonates strongly with Divine Love.
  • Blue apatite jasper: Aids in the development of psychic gifts and helps with spiritual attunement. Helps with self-acceptance.
  • Sandalwood: Calming, tranquil and peaceful, this fragrant wood is thought to help with depression and strengthen the immune system.


  • 108 - 6mm beads, plus four faceted crystal rondelle zen marker beads with rhinestone separators
  • Bohemian goddess length: Petite is 26.5 inches (67.5 cm), with a 1-3/4-inch (4.5 cm) long antique silver teardrop pendant accented with a Swarovski crystal
  • Antique silver accents
  • Includes Chinese silk jacquard drawstring bag
  • Cleansed, blessed and infused with loving, light-filled energy
  • Quality construction for daily use
  • Lovingly handcrafted in America


Each mala is made to order and ships in about a week. I use 6mm beads and add a little extra space for easier counting, so these necklaces are quite long. If you prefer a different length, please make a note of it on your order, and I can make adjustments to accommodate you.  



Please note: I'm a jewelry artist and not a doctor. My statements regarding crystals are merely to pass along ancient collective wisdom and give you an idea of what different crystals might do for you. They aren't intended as medical advice or treatment.