Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia
Emotional Freedom Mala - Sacred Skaia

Emotional Freedom Mala

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A mala for breaking through your emotional blocks

I first heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or "Tapping," more than 15 years ago from my doctor who studied alternative medicine. I didn't understand what it was or how it worked, but I was willing to try anything for relief from my constant migraines.

Since that time, I've learned that EFT is an effective method for dissolving some of those hidden areas of emotional trauma that we don't even know we have. If you believe that our bodies are made up of energy -- think about how our cells work -- then it starts to make sense how tapping on energy meridian points (like acupressure, or maybe acupuncture without the needles) could provide relief from physical and psychological issues.

The Emotional Freedom Mala was designed with the help of Australian EFT practitioner Silvana Burgemeister to help open up intuition while remaining calm and grounded. It is particularly suited for work on your third eye and crown chakras. I recommend programming your mala with the intention of your choice, and you can learn how to do that here.

The following gemstones and crystals are included in this mala:

  • Fluorite: A highly protective stone, also thought to help with focus, intuition, stability and grounding.
  • Amethyst: For creative thinking and spiritual awareness. Thought to relieve headaches, relieve pain and combat insomnia.
  • Clear quartz: Amplifies energies, thoughts, wishes and visualizations. Thought to boost immune system and bring body into balance.

    and may include the following accents, depending on your choice:
  • Labradorite: A stone of magic, which helps clear and protect your aura and helps you connect to your higher self.
  • Green or black sandalwood: Calming, tranquil and peaceful, this fragrant wood is thought to help with depression and strengthen the immune system.

    • 108 - 8mm beads, plus four clear quartz zen marker beads
    • Bohemian goddess length: Medium/Tall is 36 inches (91 cm) with a 2" (5 cm) pendant; Petite is about 34 inches (86 cm) and is recommended if you're under 5'2" (157 cm)
    • Antique silver accents
    • Includes Chinese silk jacquard drawstring bag
    • Cleansed, blessed and infused with loving, light-filled energy
    • Quality construction for daily use
    • Lovingly handcrafted in America


    Each mala is made to order and ships in about a week. I use 8mm beads and add a little extra space for easier counting, so these necklaces are quite long. As a very curvy woman of average height, they're the perfect length for me. If you are petite, slender or prefer shorter necklaces, please make a note of it on your order, and I can make adjustments to accommodate you.  


    Please note: I'm a jewelry artist and not a doctor. My statements regarding crystals are merely to pass along ancient collective wisdom and give you an idea of what different crystals might do for you. They aren't intended as medical advice or treatment.