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Nurture Mala Bracelet
Nurture Mala Bracelet
Nurture Mala Bracelet
Nurture Mala Bracelet

Nurture Mala Bracelet

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A mala bracelet for supporting your intention to heal from heartbreak and trauma

You've done healing work. You've done forgiveness work. Maybe you've seen doctors and tried medication. But a part of you knows you could feel even better than you do right now, and you want to keep the healing process going. Crystals, like the rest of matter, are comprised of energy and vibrate higher than humans. Because of this, we can use them to aid in our healing and intentions.

The Nurture Mala Bracelet was created using carefully selected crystals to support your healing journey and desire for wholeness. It'll come to you already cleansed and blessed, but you may wish to strengthen its programming with the intention of your choice, and you can learn how to do that here.

The following gemstones and crystals are included in the Nurture bracelet:

  • Citrine: A warming stone that attracts success, wealth and prosperity. Helps achieve inner calm and wisdom. Is creative and energizing. May help with depression.
  • Sunstone: Containing strong solar energy and an anti-depressant vibration, it’s believed to help you relieve stress. Promotes creativity and vitality, while encouraging power, confidence and leadership.
  • Rhodonite: A heart chakra crystal promoting self-love, emotional balance and forgiveness. May help with clearing resentment and old wounds.
  • Rose quartz: The unconditional love crystal, it is thought to help bring you happiness, love, romantic feelings and sensuality.
  • How to order the right size: Order the size that's about a half-inch (1.25 cm) larger than your wrist for a comfortable fit. If your wrist measurement is 6 inches, you'd order a size Small.
  • Need larger or smaller? (Or just aren't sure)? Choose Custom and provide your wrist size in the order notes for a perfect fit. (If you don't own a flexible tape measure, wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your wrist and then measure that. It helps to have a friend do the marking.)
  • Antique silver accents
  • Cleansed, blessed and infused with loving, light-filled energy
  • Quality construction for daily use
  • Lovingly handcrafted in America
  • Complimentary 100% recycled gift boxing

Each bracelet is made to order and ships in a day or two. If you are need special sizing or have other requests, please make a note of it on your order, and I can make adjustments to accommodate you.  


Please note: I'm a jewelry artist and not a doctor. My statements regarding crystals are merely to pass along ancient collective wisdom and give you an idea of what different crystals might do for you. They aren't intended as medical advice or treatment.