Why I do what I do

I was recently challenged to spend an hour meditating on the question, Why am I doing this (business)? I'd never meditated for a whole hour before so I wasn't sure what to expect but I figured I might come up with something new. 

What came up first was my desire for ease and freedom. I want to set my own schedule - work when I want and rest when I need to - and want to move to someplace inspiring and beautiful. I've always seen owning my own business as the path toward doing this, especially since my partner works for the Man.

But of course, there's so much more to it. I want to be available for my children, particularly our two teens who still live at home. I want to feel fulfilled and successful. I want to create and enjoy beauty. And while all the self-focused things started coming up first for me, of course it didn't end there.

After awhile I realized I'm doing this because I want to help and I want to heal. I don't just want to heal myself either. I want to help others to heal. Remember the TV show Heroes? Its most famous line was, Save the cheerleader - save the world. Well, I'm the cheerleader and my truth is, Heal myself - heal the world. Whatever healing work I complete sends ripples out into the world and helps everyone. And if my work with crystals and energy and healing can directly help heal another, then all the better. 

My hour wasn't up, however, so I had to keep going and asking the same question: Why am I doing this? In the last 15 minutes I had a vision of myself being filled with light and knew that I am pure love and this is what love does. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but I think it means that love heals, love spreads, love radiates. Love shares her life. And that's what I'm doing to do.

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